(Legacy) Headery. CBD Oil formula


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Here’s to balanced wellbeing around the clock. ⏰

Headery’s CBD oil blends for daytime and nighttime use have been uniquely formulated to partner with our bodily receptors located in the endocannabinoid system and support our body's natural functions.

Using Headery. in everyday life

Every biochemistry is unique, we believe you should always listen to your body and adjust dosage as necessary. Begin with a small drop or two of Good Morning and/or Snooze. Slowly raise the dose over a series of days until you decide what works best for you.

A full spectrum CBD oil line formulated with you in mind.

Whether you’re craving balanced daily shine from stressors or optimal nightly Z’s for trouble sleeping, Headery’s blends adapt to your unique needs to maintain balanced wellbeing around the clock.

(Legacy) 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. 

0% THC. 

No added Terpenes.