What is this?

Our first Mental Health Week has been marked with a viral campaign to inspire the world to share a post, each time it’s shared – we donate $1 to Mental Health Research.

How do we know you shared it?

Any Re-tweet, Re-gram or Shared Post from the official Headery page will count, as well as any post with #MentalHealthWeek or #Headery that uses our image.

It is not possible to track individual posts that neither use the hashtag or share the original. 

Where does the $1 go?

Every dollar from this campaign will go toward a research study by McMaster University, currently applying for federal funding beginning in 2019. That inspects the natural compound Cannabidiol, and its connection to major depression and other mood disorders. 

Funding research on natural anxiety medication is important. The majority of research done on anxiety relief is funded by companies with chemical creations, as it is not profitable for corporations to research a drug that cannot be patented. It requires a grass-roots movement to support research done on natural supplements.

Additional Information

Updates on the research programs and findings will be posted on the Official Headery Facebook & Twitter pages.

The campaign will be limited to an amount as funds allow*


*McMaster University have published some of the leading studies on Cannabdiol to date: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3079847/. 


*As amounts allow = maximum $20,000 in donated funds, or the equivalent in Cannabidiol for researching.

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