Popular Uses For Cannabis oil

Fri, Mar 01, 19

When someone says "Benefits of Cannabis Oil", what pops to mind?

a) Herbal-Health nuts? or b) Silly, trend-obsessed teenagers?

Well, you'd be wrong either way.

It's c) An incredible physical and mental health tool for everyday life. 

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Severe Diseases?

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding cannabis oil. Some think it will get you high. Some think it's fake.

We can tell you the truth. Cannabis oil only contains CBD (the beneficial cannabinoids that heal your body), and not THC (the chemical that gets you high). But no matter what you believe, the facts are clear.

Cannabis oil is emerging as one of the largest and most valuable natural remedies to hit the market. As of July 2018, cannabis oil has exceeded 2 billion as an industry.

And there is clear, valid, and significant scientific reason for it.

No matter who you are or how your health is, cannabis oil can improve it. Take a look at the facts today.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Cancer

Cancer is perhaps the most stubborn, the most mysterious, and the most frightening disease to afflict humans. The battle can be exhausting and the classic chemical treatments often lead to even worse side effects. Could cannabis oil possibly be the way out?

Recent research has demonstrated a shocking amount of benefits that cannabis oil provides for those suffering from cancer.

First, it can lead to smaller tumors. For mechanisms not yet fully understood, cancer patients who took cannabis oil demonstrated slower tumor growth, less tumor spread, and even tumor shrinkage.

Second, Cannabis oil contains cannabinoids, which are extremely similar to the endocannabinoids naturally produced by our brains. Endocannabinoids are responsible for your feelings of peaceful joy and bodily calm.

Not only does this mean that cannabis oil has a very low level of toxicity, and thus will cause almost no amount of harm or side effects to your body, but it can also help alleviate the effects of harsh chemical treatments.

Patients who took cannabis oil experienced much less of the typical chemotherapy side effects (nausea, vomiting, fatigue etc.). They may even heal faster and rebound quicker from these treatments.

how cannabis oil can benefit you if you are sick

Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy

Just recently in 2018, Epidiolex has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of epilepsy. Epidiolex is cannabis oil, and it is now being used to treat two diseases that cause epileptic seizures.

Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndrome are both disease that cause horrible seizures in young children. And now, cannabis oil has been approved by the government to treat it.

The benefits of cannabis oil for epileptic patients is huge. It has been shown to not only reduce seizure frequency but also lead to much less intense, and much more manageable seizures, when they do occur.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Other Diseases

Cannabis oil has also been shown to benefit other medical patients as well. There have been a few discoveries about its benefits for Alzheimer's patients in helping them recognize peoples' faces for longer.

In addition, it may also benefit those with schizophrenia, and if you are at risk for Type 1 diabetes, cannabis oil may help you delay onset and protect against its development.

What are the Other Benefits of Cannabis Oil?

By now, you might be thinking: Wow! it is awesome that cannabis oil can help so many medical patients who are hanging onto the brink of life, but I don't have such a disease. Is cannabis oil for me?

And yes, cannabis oil can benefit patients who have been struggling with disease in a multitude of ways. It can bring back your quality of life and even offer you hope that you will heal faster.

But even if chronic disease isn't a part of your life, cannabis oil can benefit you in ways you can't even imagine.

Using Cannabis Oil for Quitting Addiction

A huge percentage of the world is still addicted to nicotine and opioids. They lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths a year.

And so many smokers struggle for months to quit only to return within a matter of weeks.

Has that been you?

Have you been dealing with unsatisfying nicotine patches or horrendous tasting gum? Maybe you have been suffering through the jitters, exhaustion, appetite rollercoasters, and even pain and mood swings of nicotine or opioid quitting.

Scientists have been starting to discover that cannabis oil can help you escape all of that for a healthier, better you, with no fuss at all.

Smokers who are quitting while using cannabis oil have discovered a range of benefits. It helped them quit smoking faster and lessened the side effects.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil for Anxiety and Depression

Very significantly, cannabis oil contains the cannabinoids that mimic the natural chemicals of your body. Because of this, there are so many benefits for mental health.

It can stimulate your endocannabinoid receptors which calm you and make you feel peaceful and happy. If you have generalized anxiety, depression, bipolar disease, or any variation on mental health, you need to check cannabis oil out.

It could literally change the way you experience life.

Even if you have never been diagnosed, if you feel like your moods dictate your life and consume your goals, then it is time to look at cannabid oil.

Cannabis Oil for Acne

It sounds insane, but cannabis oil is so beneficial for our bodies that it can even help solve acne.

That's right, the little bumps that every teenager, and even many adults have complained of?

You could potentially be free of them forever!

In 2014, scientists discovered that cannabis oil lessened the body's production of sebum. Sebum is the root cause of all acne, as it is what clogs pores.

On top of that, cannabis oil reduces inflammation. This means that even for the pimples you do get, they can heal faster, look less red, and be less painful.


Can Cannabis Oil Really Benefit You?

Can you imagine all your health problems and tiny daily inconveniences just suddenly disappearing? If there is anything in your body or mind that you wish was even slightly improved, then you need to discover cannabis oil for yourself.

Not only can it benefit you on its own, but it is a fantastic supplement to modern day medicine.

Nowadays, it is even more convenient than ever. Take it as deliciously as a cannabis drink or as conveniently as cannabis capsules.

Without it, you are honestly missing out on a much healthier, happier you.





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