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Improve your sleep, experience more clarity, and ease anxiety with the help of our terpene-infused full-spectrum hemp oil. 

No synthetic additives. No obnoxious health claims. Just high-grade CBD oil.

Our mission is to research, create, and share all-natural formulas designed to improve mental health and well-being 🧠

Good Morning.

cbd oil for anxiety by Headerycbd oil for anxiety

Good Morning.

A simple, no bullshit CBD oil. 

The Good Morning formula is made from selectively-bred hemp that produces higher levels of CBD, CBC, and CBG — all of which are popular for putting the mind at ease.

This formula has no unnecessary ingredients — just premium CBD-rich hemp extract, cannabis-derived terpenes, and MCT carrier oil.

Take Good Morning by placing it directly in the mouth, mixing it with a smoothie or shake, or add it to your morning coffee (our favorite method).




CBD & melatonin for more restorative sleep. 

Snooze CBD Oil uses the same high-grade full-spectrum hemp extract as Good Morning — but with a twist. 

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the pineal gland from serotonin. It’s tasked with regulating the sleeping portion of the sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm).

For optimal Z's add our recommended dosage to your herbal tea or drop directly underneath the tongue before bedtime or napping.

cbd oil for sleep

The Duo.

cbd oil for anxiety and depression

The Duo. ✌️

Good Morning and Snooze were designed to work together — like yin and yang. 

The non-sedating extract in Good Morning is perfect for daytime use, while the added melatonin makes Snooze the perfect addition to your bedtime ritual. 

Order the pair together to save on your order and balance your wellbeing around the clock.



cbd oil for anxiety and depression


After a lot of requests, we've decided to crack open the Headery vault and release another batch of our Legacy oil.


Why choose Headery?

There are a lot of CBD companies spinning the wheels these days, but few that truly stand behind what they’re selling. 

Headery was founded with the sole purpose of finding new, effective ways to manage stress and anxiety. The founder, Jeremy Levine, struggled with anxiety for over a decade before finding something that worked — CBD! 

With the help of a professional herbalist, Headery was able to source the perfect hemp strain for combatting anxiety and supporting sleep — without jacking up the price of the oils. Both Snooze and Good Morning cost just $0.09 per mg of CBD — which is well below the industry average of $0.12 for the same quality. 

We take the quality of the oils we produce seriously — and stand behind everything we make. This means maintaining a close relationship with our farmers, keeping a close watch on the production process, and testing everything over and over again. We donate one bottle of CBD oil for every 10 sold to McMaster University to help move the needle on cannabis research on the topics of anxiety and mood disorders.  

Headery is more than just a CBD brand. Our goal is to provide new and innovative products for combatting stress and anxiety using all-natural supplements. 

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